3D scanning

The laboratory is equipped with an ARTEC EVA scanner.  This is a 3D scanner, scanning items up to the size of a small car. Accuracy of the scan varies, depending on a variety of factors, but can reach up to 0.1 mm.

Details of the scanner can be found here.

Scanning will be in accordance with the procedure detailed here [Hebew].
The scan will be performed by a trained student.  After scanning, the model will be uploaded to a folder on the server. The scanner software will be installed on all computers.
The software allows repairing mesh from the scan and from external models (for the purpose of three-dimensional printing or milling).

Details of the software and basic teaching files can be found in Laboratory’s folder on the server (only available on the Technion’s network).  General information can be found here.

Guidance in design and manufacturing involving complex geometry

The laboratory offers a platform for knowledge-sharing, together with software that enable the following capabilities:

1. Building complex three dimensional works, rationalization of 3D works (works from 3D planning or scanning).

2. Preparation of 3D printing files and milling various materials (soft materials, wood and aluminum).

3. Correcting errors in 3D files (STL files) and transforming mesh files into NURBS files.

4. Comparison between files / models (points cloud, mesh, NURBS).

5. Guidance in computer-based manufacturing on any scale.

We provide consulting services on these issues for researchers and students at the Technion, as well as to external parties.