Laser cutters

The laboratory equipped with two laser cutting machines with cutting intensity of 100 watt.
The machines are able to cut  and engrave a variety of materials according to DXF file format lines or according to an image file.
The machine’s cutting area is 580X 880 Millimeters

For health reasons one may cut materials only from a limited list (see list below). You can purchase in the laboratory special materials cutting boards that are approved for use, such as cottonwood and Plexiglas in different thicknesses.
For additional information on the variety of materials, cost and how to prepare the cutting DXF files please read the following documents:

instructions for preparation of DXF file for cutting [Hebrew]

See Attachment table of materials and cutting parameters for laser cutting machine [Hebrew]

Laser Safety:

The machine will be operated by trained responsible student. An untrained student is not allowed to run the machine.
According to Technion’s safety instructions for lasers, while cutting, only the authorized operator and the client are allowed in the room.
Everyone in the room will use standard laser protective glasses.
Please review the safety instructions before using the laser cutting machines.